Conflicted Nights 

in the oratory,
sharing this horrid story
asking, when is the lord coming for me?
desperation starting bore me,
desires the taste of glory
and sobbing doesn’t console me

words from the gun nozzle,
speak in bravado
pain from the bottle, swallowed
face muzzle hollow
expedite this cargo

emerged from dirt
this disturb,
picks from guinea pigs
pretentious to returned
old life eating figs
to facing greedy grins
we’re born situated on pins

cancerous regions
feed on me like a pigeon
stroking the perfect picture
looking for ways to reach you

I’m semen spat on cement
kept secrets and sentiments
a different specimen
all testosterone no estrogen
dehydration, but lot of glycerin

pencils form instrumentals
serenades the sanity, if still have any
sore throat, cavity hurts my dental
another sip from the henny
missing mom’s oats and lentils
pockets only filled with pennys
rinse this sins, god’s judgmental

rat’s infested
past demented
from missing shelters
ripped carpets,
hole on sweaters, heart’s dented
how to bury this hatchet?


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