I guzzle my head with anger, but stranger to sympathize.
thought of fandom, not viceversa to realize.
What lies in between her and I?
No connection, any situation
questions left unanswered.
She made me an example,
thoughts battered.
felt manhandled
but who am i to front?

i flex she vexed
but felt tested

Where’s the love huh?
cutie pie, with the cinnamon rub
she chew me hard, felt stubbed
when the push comes to shove

roberta flack tune
you killed me softly
left a raw wound
vocalizing off key

turn the pain into power
you are here my child
o brotherly my heart taste sour
no fear my motive to reconcile
how do you fertilize the flower

greed eats only what it kills
act uncivilize
what is there for me if left stranded?
its her first amendment.
stranger to sympathize


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